Tom Faulkner

Social media buttons and your privacy

Published on September 07, 2019 - seven of nine day

When getting started with this blog I noticed the template makes use of React Custom Share for social media share buttons. Given that privacy is one of my bigger technological concerns, this was one of the first things I looked into. From a fairly quick glance at the source, and a pull request that adds a network it was clear that this is not loading any scripts or communicating with Facebook, Twitter, Google. or other social networks unless the user actually clicks the buttons. With that in mind, I have decided to leave these buttons, as they look kind of nice, and they don't violate anyone's privacy. User discretion is advised when clicking on them, as we are largely to addicted to social media, they are tracking us, and my content probably isn't of interest to your friends.

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(Shareblock privacy thoughts)